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Jingl Set

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Jingl targets are uniquely designed and produced by us in the USA, they function as the strike zone measuring (20” H X 16.5” W and 7” D) and weighting 3.4 pounds each for stability. Each target contained 9 jingle bells forming an X, serving as an audible referee for pitchers and hitters. Designed with handles for portability, high quality materials for durability and safety. There are 2 Jingls/targets in each set.

The Jingl bat is "The Louisville Slugger C271 Plastic Bat, an exact replica of the Genuine C271, 34” Big League Wood Bat with authentic wood grain. Made in the USA and designed for safe play.

2 bats included in each Jingl set.

Jingl balls are High end 40 hole outdoor seamless one piece ball passed USAPA Testing

Ball material: LLDPE
Ball size: 73-74.5mm
Ball Weight: 23-26.5g
Custom made for Jingl for quality and durability.

2 reviews for Jingl Set

  1. Todd

    Jingl is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done with 4 people! It’s great for keeping my skills tuned, and it’s also great exercise… all while having a great time with my friends.

  2. Karolyn T

    My kids play this game in gym and can’t stop talking about it. I’m buying them a net for Christmas!

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