Jingl is perfect for:

  • All Ages
  • College students and Universities
  • High Schools (Phys Ed)
  • Camps/ Youth Groups
  • Leagues/ Tournaments Backyard
  • Beach/Picnics
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Rooted in the Classics

Jingl has deep roots in Dominican streetball games, combining skills from well-loved sports like baseball and cricket in a unique, fast-paced hybrid.

game sound

The Jingl Sound

One strike and you’re Jingl’d The signature bell sound acts as a built-in referee, signaling a strike. Time to switch sides

about 2 on 2

Two on Two

Jingl is played two-on-two, and teams switch sides with every Jingl-Out. We like to say Jingl combines everything you love about baseball and cricket, without what you don’t. That means lots of batting, catching, and tagging, without the waiting.

about design

Made to Last

High-quality Design. Made in America. We’ve taken apart the tried-and-true elements of streetball and put them back together in a game that optimizes safety, durability, and playability.

about play

Play Anywhere

With lightweight equipment and super quick setup, you’ll be ready to Jingl whenever, wherever. Perfect for a pickup game between classes or bringing a little competition to that next family gathering, Jingl plays well on all kinds of terrains. Just grab your Carrier Pack (a flex) and hit the field… or the lot… or the beach. I mean hey, it’s about time Beach Day got an upgrade.

about everyone

For Everyone

Jingl combines skills you might already have from other sports, like running, swinging a bat, and throwing a ball. You can choose your own intensity, so it’s great for all ages and abilities. Keep it casual, or flex your skills and let the competition heat up. Totally up to you.

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